Montenegro , the pearl of the Mediterranean , unique in many ways is situated in the south of the Adriatic Sea. There is nowhere else that you can find, in such small place; so much natural wealth, gorgeous mountains, the dramatic coastline with mild beaches and numerous hidden coves,   small ancient towns and historical monuments - like you can in the small country of Montenegro.  Beautiful coastal towns:  Tivat, located in the central part of the Boka Kotorska bay , is the only coastal town with an airport and has reputation as one of the sunniest spot on this bay. Important attractions: Renaissance Summer House Buca in the town centre , Ostro Cvijece (flower’s island) with sacred monuments , Gornja Lastva , the old nucleus at an altitude of 300m , the magnificent beach at Plavi Horizonti -  Blue Horizon , and the island St. Mark (Sveti Mark). You must also visit ; Porto Montenegro , nestled  in the naturally protected waters of the Bay of Kotor ,  is the leading home port for super yachts and luxury nautical resort in the Adriatic Sea . This full service marina is complemented by spacious waterside residences, the five-star hotel, fine restaurants, lively bars, luxury shops and a wide range of sports, leisure and cultural activities. It is most ideal place to begin your luxury cruising. Explore the Old Town of Budva and sandy beaches of the Budva Riviera. The famous Queen’s Beach is accessible only by boat.  The Old Town with citadel fortress, charming squares , churches , monuments , and statues. Budva is also home to luxury hotels, nice restaurants and organization of international events and big concerts. Do not miss to visit Sveti Stefan , charmed coastal village resort in Montenegro with 15th-century architecture and an expansive forested estate. This famous resort is located just three nautical miles east of Budva and includes the islet of Sveti Stefan and part of the mainland, where the Villa Milocer sits in formal gardens and its restaurant terrace overlooks the beach. The Sveti Stefan islet, the fisherman’s cottages on this 15th century fortified islet have been converted in to fifty room luxury hotel.   Kotor, a town of rich cultural tradition and one of the best preserved medieval settlements in the Adriatic ; protected by UNESCO as part of the world cultural heritage. Visit the Old Town, Castel St. John  - Illyrian Fort , Town Clock Tower , Maritime Museum , St. Tripun Cathedral (Sveti Tripun) and the church of St. Luke (Sveti Luka). Enjoy also dining in nice traditional restaurants. Explore Perast , a sleepy baroque town on the  stunning Bay of Kotor. See Museum of the Church St. Nicolas having a rich collection of relics, silver and wooden crosses chalices, icons and baroque paintings. Enjoy walking on the narrow waterfront road and dine in a stylish restaurant. The charming town overlooks two islets: one is called Sveti Dorse (St. George) and the other Gospa od Škrpjela (Our Lady of the Rocks), and each has a picturesque chapel. Herceg Novi , a medieval town at the entrance into Boka Kotorska ; its defensive role is witnessed by numerous fortresses and towers. Visit the Forte Mare, Spanjola and Kanli Kula fortresses , Sahat tower (Clock tower).Today , Herceg Novi also known as a spa and health center ; nearby Igalo has an abudance of healing mud called “igalisko blafo” (igalo mud) and minerak water springs called “igaljske slatine” (Igalo water springs). Explore the fantastic stops around Lustica Bay ; Mamula Island – the Fortress , Zanjice Beach , Blue Cave and the small fisherman village Bigova.   Inland Excursions: Cetinje – the old royal capital of Montenegro with rich historical and cultural heritage; situated at the foot of Lovcen Mountain and accessible by a 30-40 min. drive from Budva.  Lovcen National Park – situated in the southwest part of Montenegro above the sea is home to diverse flora and fauna. The Mausoleum of Njegos ; the stony symbol of freedom and pride where you could watch the fantastic panoramic view of the Boka bay.  Kolasin – one of the leading winter brands of Montenegro having the Mediterranean and mountain climate; a popular ski resort with quiet eco-friendly mountains and lush forests. Ostrog Monastery – one of the largest Orthodox sanctuaries in Europe, located on a 900m tall Ostrog Cliff between Niksic and Podgorica. Lake Skadar – the biggest lake in the Balkans and a large national park, embellished with magnificent nature and home to many historical monuments and 280 bird species. The surrounding area of Lake Skadar is home to picturesque villages with long history, famous for their wine and fish specialties. Durmitor National Park – the natural masterpiece of Montenegro with a great number of lakes, evergreen forests and fast flowing rivers. National Park Durmitor with Tara River Canyon is on UNESCO World Heritage List as a natural property of extraordinary value. Enjoy rafting in the Tara Canyon, with depth of 1300m, is the deepest canyon in Europe. Also explore the picturesque town and popular winter resort Zabljak in the hearth of of Durmitor  , at one of the highest altitudes in southeast Europe.