Value Added Tax (VAT):  Most yachts are commercially registered, therefore tax exempt. Some charter rates will be subject to varying rates of VAT within European Community (EC) waters certain places outside the EC. Please ask us for the latest tax situation for your cruising area and yachts. .
Insurance:  Charterers are always been advised to take out Cancellation and Curtailment insurance to protect their investment if unforeseen circumstances prevent or curtail their charter. In addition, all members of the charter party should consider Medical and Personal insurance that is excluded from the charter fee. .
Smoking on board:  For safety reasons, notably the prevention of fire, smoking is not permitted inside the yachts! It is only permitted on the open deck areas! This policy varies from one yacht to another. Therefore please consult us for verification and individual restrictions. .
Water sports:  The majority of yachts carry variety of water sports equipment. The list for the yacht is believed to be correct but cannot guaranteed as they are liable to change at short notice! It is our desire to make sure that you can enjoy all the provided equipment with maximum safety for you and those around you. Use of water craft ( jet-skis , wave runners , etc...) may be restricted in certain cruising areas and guests will require an appropriate licence. Concerning independent scuba diving , charterers have to note that in the East Mediterranean ; especially in Turkey and Greece several control has been taken in order to prevent underwater antiquities. Therefore, they have to dive with local and licensed diving instructors. .
Itinerary: It is our pleasure to recommend our clients one of best itineraries to visit taking into consideration time availability. You will enjoy the bespoke itineraries and personalized assistance of our charter experts. Due to weather conditions or any other unpredictable factors; the itinerary is subject to change and should be kept flexible! The Captain’s decision should always be final regarding the safety of the passengers and the yacht according to the safety regulations. .
Crew Gratuity:  Crew gratuities are discretionary, although it is customary for a charterer who has enjoyed the attentive service of crew to extend a gratuity. Crew gratuities usually vary from 5% to 15% of the total charter fee, but can be adjusted according to your level of satisfaction. One of the best ways to ensure that all crew members receive equal recognition is to entrust the distribution of gratuities to the captain.